We encourage all potential home buyers and landlords, especially those not well-versed in construction or repair, to accompany Ms. Kienzle during the inspection.  Feel free to ask as many questions as you like. All the important aspects of Lead-based Paint, Radon, Mold and the major household systems will be thoroughly explained.

We observe recommended COVID-19 protocols during inspections.  This does not mean you cannot be present in the home and ask questions during the inspection if you wish to.  Together we can reduce personal risk factors by practicing proper social distancing and respiratory etiquette (mask).


Some inspectors may talk down to you and make you feel foolish. They may even try to upsell you a testing product that you actually don’t need. WFPI provides honest and truthful information and will never try to sell you an unnecessary inspection product.

No one should be made to feel as if their questions are stupid or that they are getting in the way of the inspector. Don’t choose an inspector who is too busy to take the time to complete a thorough investigation.